Marbelite for Swimming Pools
Marbelite is quite a strong and reliable substance
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Marbelite will last you for ages 

marbelite in pool

Marbelite is known to be highly durable and reliable. Also, when mixed and applied correctly, a pool marbelite lining is expected to last over 20 years. 

At Trademenpools, we pride ourselves in having successfully accomplished innumerable pool marbeliting projects over the years.  We use only the best and most durable products in the market. We have a wide range of colors which include the most common white and sky blue right up to the rare shades like turquoise. Our team of experts ensures a clean professional job each time, giving you a pool to be properly proud of.

Just like an ordinary plaster, marbelite is easy to apply. It can then be polished to a very smooth finish. Unlike other pool liners, marbelite is als very quick to and will cure under water. This means in just a few hours after your pool has been remarbelited you will be able to put water and jump in. 

Once the plaster layer cures properly and hardens, one would need a real jack hammer to be able to break it. That’s how strong it is. 

Many have bought and sold houses without the need to re-marbelite their pools at all

Our application process is as follows:

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