Swimming Pool  Marbelite

Marbelite is quite a strong and reliable substance

remarbeliting pool

Why Marbelite?

Marbelite is known to be highly durable and reliable. Also, when mixed and applied correctly, a pool marbelite lining is expected to last over 15 years. 

At Trademenpools, we pride ourselves in having successfully accomplished innumerable pool marbeliting projects over the years.  We use only the best and most durable products in the market. We have a wide range of colors which include the most common white and sky blue right up to the rare shades like turquoise. Our team of experts ensures a clean professional job each time, giving you a pool to be properly proud of.

Our process of applying marbelite to a pool is as follows:

  • We begin by pumping out your pool water. We are happy to direct your pool water exactly where you want it to go
  • If you pool had fiberglass of vinyl, we totally remove every bit of it and we will wash the pool with acid
  • We will then install ceramic mosaic tiles just under the copings. If these are already in place, we cut out a ring just below them to allow a flashpoint with the marbelite
  • The team will now chop the pool to roughen the surface for a better bond with the product
  • We cook up a “slash”, this is a thick mixture of the product, water and bonding liquid. We splash this to the walls and leave it to dry overnight. This makes the pool surface even more ready for the bond with the actual marbelite
  • The team will mix the marbelite by hand in the pool with appropriate additives in terms of colorants and strengtheners and they apply it in almost the same way as plaster but with different tools. They make achieve a smooth and consistently colored finish
  • We leave it to cure overnight and initiate the pouring of water first thing in the morning of the following day. We supply and throw in the initial chemicals for you once the pool is full
  • Marbelite projects carry a guarantee of 5 years

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