Swimming Pool Epoxy Paint
Quick drying high gloss resin, pool epoxy is one of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions for resurfacing and repairing of swimming pools with long-lasting results.
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Pool epoxy gives a highly decorative and smooth finish

trademen pool epoxy
Swimming pool done in midnight blue epoxy.

Of all resurfacing solutions, epoxy paint might just be the most economic and yet also the easiest method to utilise. Unlike ordinary pool paint, epoxy resin is a durable glue-like paint with excellent bonding strength. It can be trusted not only to give a highly decorative gloss finish but also to last for a respectable number of years. 

Due to its bonding strength spelt before, pool epoxy can be used on virtually any surface. It can be applied to a pool whether it is newly plastered with sand or currently has a finish of fibreglass or marbelite. This makes it a very versatile material. 

Because it has a highly gloss finish, epoxy paint makes pool maintenance very easy. It repels algae and dirt, resulting in the consumption of less chemicals and requiring less scrubbing than other finishes.

Epoxy itself is also resistant to chemicals, acid, salts, chlorine and UV-radiation, your pool will look new and sparkling clean for many years to come.

The process of installing epoxy

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These prices are estimates only. The calculation assumes that all pools are equal. However, this is of course not true.  Different pools have got different makeups and different compositions. Some are marbelite and fibreglass while others are newly built pools. Some have got cracks, grime and dirt while others are clean. 

In short, the actual cost for your pool might differ from what you see in the calculation app.

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