Pool Construction

Trademenpools employs only highly skilled pool engineers and uses only the best materials in the market.

concreting pool

We make the magic happen

Swimming pool construction comes down to three things at the end of the day. It comes down to whether or not the pool is fully functional. No one wants a pool that has got some features that do not work from the word go.

It comes down to durability. We expect a swimming pool to last in excess of well over 30 years.

Finally, it comes down to aesthetics. How much more aesthetic value does the pool bring to your yard. Nobody wants a pool that is visibly ugly right from the street outside.

At Trademenpools, we make it a point to accomplish all the above. By using only high end materials in our constructions, we ensure that our pools will last forever and that everything works as it should. By using the best possible and highly experienced team members, we make sure that we produce the most beautiful pool you can think of.


  • To start with, we carefully mark out the required area and take a good square, normally the square is taken in alignment with the house
  • Digging then commences normally by hand but also by TLB where appropriate
  • Experts now install Y8 Steel bars and 100mm mash wire along with a ring beam that runs according to the shape of the pool
  • 30 MPA concrete ready mix from a reputable company is then poured and lined on the sides and bottom up to 150mm thick. We will install the weir, aim-flow and LED light at this point while the concrete is still to set.
  • We give our concrete a curing period of 3 to 5 days. Within this period, we install the bull nose copings (normally 450x450mm flagstone). We will then also install the paving (also 450x450mm) to make 900mm paving around the pool
  • The team will now install ceramic mosaic tiles for marbelite pool, as well as 50mm PVC piping for suction and return
  • The team will then install the “Box”. This comprises a Quality combo unit comprising of an appropriately sized pump and sand filter, along with the electrical distribution board complete with a battery backed timer as well as the pump house of any required colour and quality
  • We will install the required finish, (marbelite/fiberglass) at this point and leave it to cure overnight
  • Water is then poured into the pool.
  • We will supply you with and apply the initial pool chemicals for you.

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