Swimming Pool Fiberglass
Pool fiberglass is quite strong and durable and is becoming a favourite of many.
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Pool fiberglass is the way of the future

Fiberglass pool

Aesthetically, pool fiberglass brings out one of the smoothest and most polished finishes to a swimming pool. With its many and varied mosaic types, a typical well executed job becomes a work of real art.

Because of its famed smoothness, a fiberglassed pool is very easy to maintain as it is very difficult for dirt to stick to it. Furthermore, it makes it very difficult for algae to stick to its surface.  A perfectly done  job can last well in excess of 15 years.

Unlike with other surfacers, the smoothness of fiberglass also ensures that there are no chaffed feet or sharp spikes in the swimming pool. This makes your user experience a lot more brilliant. 

Fiber is described as the way of the future in pools as most people are moving towards it. A great pool is defined by durability, functionality and well as aesthetics

Our process of fiberglass installation is as follows:

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