Advantages of pool fiber finishing

While a pool fiberglass finishing might be touted to be slightly more expensive over its competitor marbelite, it does come with several advantages. Most of its advantages are rooted in the smoothness of the finish.

To start with, the pool fiberglass finishing is beautiful. It carries great aesthetic appeal. The gel coat gives a glamorous appearance that can be integrated with other pool features to make it more visually appealing. It comes in beautiful colors that can be customized to suit the client’s taste.  Fiberglass also comes with a wide range of mosaic spoiling you for choice.  A combination of mosaic and finishing color will give a lovely pool to look at.

Secondly, due to the smoothness, it is harder to make the pool walls dirty. Algae, a menace in pools, can produce horrid green water if not treated regularly with chemicals. It’s hard for algae to adhere to the smooth gel coat surface which diminishes nasty algae blooms and makes them easily controllable. The same thing happens with dust. It is less likely to stick to the surfaces as they are not adhesive and do not have a rough texture to accommodate it.  

Due to the fact that pool fiberglass finishing gets less dirty, one will also find it easy to keep the water well balanced. This ultimately means the pool consumes less chemicals and therefor in the long-run is cheaper to maintain. It is estimated that a fiberglass pool consumes about 30% less chemicals than other finishes. The finished fiberglass surface itself is also chemically inert so there is nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool.

Finally, being smooth, it means the fiberglass gel coat finish is non-abrasive. This means there will be no protrusions on the surface that may end up irritating your feet and or your skin as it gets in contact with the walls. The gel-coat is skin-friendly. If you rub against it while you’re swimming or exercising, you will glide smoothly over this velvety surface.

Fiberglass is a great way to finish your pool. It is highly recommendable for usage now and in the future. Though it is slightly expensive as mentioned, one is most sure to recoup their money in the long run.

Trademen Pools practitioners are highly skilled in the art of pool fiberglass installation and will give you great value for your money. We are available for calls at any time of the day and we will assist with a free assessment of your pool and an obligation free quotation.

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