Swimming Pool Renovations

Our pool renovation efforts include pool interiors, pool exteriors, paving, tiles and concrete. It also includes resizing, relocating, depth increment and reductions

Pool resizing

parts of the pool are being destroyed inorder to transform the pool into a different shape. Trademen at work.

Our swimming pool renovation process is all inclusive

At Trademenpools, our experts understand all these facets of pool renovations. We are able to restore your pool back to its original newness. The team is not perturbed by how much your pool is dilapidated or cracked. They are able to fix it even if it means pulling down and reconstructing parts of the pool. 

People often find themselves stuck with pool shapes they do not like  or suddenly realize that their pools are too small or too big. At Trademen, we totally understand the concept of resizing and reshaping in a way that does not weaken your pool. 

Trademen also understands that pool renovations constitute a work of art. We understand that above and beyond functionality, there is also the need for a piece of work that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. That is why we insist on usage of only the best, state of the art materials as well as the highest caliber of workmanship. Furthermore, we have a team willing to run through your ideas with you so as to come up with the best possible designs for the renovation job.

Our Renovation process includes the following:

  • Removal and replacement of current mosaic
  • Removal and replacement of current copings
  • Pool resizing and modification or total reshaping
  • Pool renovations and crack fixing
  • Installation of new weirs and new lights (LED)
  • Pool area revamp (paving, concreting, lawn)
  • Additions to the pool eg concrete Jacuzzis, water features,  extra aim flows
  • Reinstallation of piping, pool pumps, sand change, filter change etc
  • Installation and replacement of solar panels
  • Installation of heat pumps and blowers

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